Oxydendrum arboreum Sorrel Tree

Family: Ericaceae

Origin: Eastern N America

A beautiful small tree or large shrub with nodding trusses of white tapering flowers, very like Pieris to look at, produced in autumn. The dark green, alternate leaves are 10-20 cm long by 3-8 cm wide, with a long, tapering point; they are the plant's chief beauty, as they turn spectacularly red and yellow in autumn. As they are from the same family as the heathers, they will grow in similar conditions to the rhododendrons and azaleas.

Introduced in 1752.

The generic name Oxydendrum refers to the property of the leaves, which have a pleasantly acid taste, like that of sorrel - oxy, acid, and dendron, tree; arboreum means woody or tree-like.

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