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Scientific name [A-Z] Common name [A-Z] Family [Taxonomic]
Huperzia selago Fir Clubmoss Lycopodiaceae
Lycopodiella inundata Marsh Clubmoss Lycopodiaceae
Lycopodium clavatum Stag's-horn Clubmoss Lycopodiaceae
Diphasiastrum alpinum Alpine Clubmoss Lycopodiaceae
Selaginella selaginoides Lesser Clubmoss Selaginellaceae
Selaginella kraussiana Kraus's Clubmoss Selaginellaceae
Isoetes lacustris Quillwort Isoetaceae
Equisetum hyemale Dutch rush Equisetaceae
Equisetum hyemale x variegatum (E. x trachyodon) Mackay's Horsetail Equisetaceae
Equisetum variegatum Variegated Horsetail Equisetaceae
Equisetum fluviatile Water Horsetail Equisetaceae
Equisetum palustre Marsh Horsetail Equisetaceae
Equisetum sylvaticum Wood Horsetail Equisetaceae
Equisetum pratense Shady Horsetail Equisetaceae
Equisetum arvense Field Horsetail Equisetaceae
Equisetum arvense x fluviatile (E. x litorale) Shore Horsetail Equisetaceae
Equisetum telmateia Great Horsetail Equisetaceae
Osmunda regalis Royal Fern Osmundaceae
Trichomanes speciosum Killarney Fern Hymenophyllaceae
Hymenophyllum tunbrigense Tunbridge Filmy Fern Hymenophyllaceae
Hymenophyllum wilsonii Wilson's Filmy Fern Hymenophyllaceae
Pteridium aquilinum Bracken Dennstaedtiaceae
Cryptogramma crispa Parsley Fern Adiantaceae
Blechnum spicant Hard Fern Blechnaceae
Blechnum cordatum Chilean Hard-fern Blechnaceae
Phyllitis scolopendrium Hart's-tongue Aspleniaceae
Asplenium adiantum-nigrum Black Spleenwort Aspleniaceae
Asplenium onopteris Irish Spleenwort Aspleniaceae
Asplenium marinum Sea Spleenwort Aspleniaceae
Asplenium trichomanes ssp. quadrivalens spleenwort Aspleniaceae
Asplenium trichomanes ssp trichomanes spleenwort Aspleniaceae
Asplenium viride Green Spleenwort Aspleniaceae
Asplenium ruta-muraria Wall-rue Aspleniaceae
Ceterach officinarum Rustyback Aspleniaceae
Matteuccia struthiopteris Ostrich Fern Woodsiaceae
Athyrium filix-femina Lady Fern Woodsiaceae
Cystopteris fragilis Brittle Bladder-fern Woodsiaceae
Dryopteris affinis Scaly Male Fern Dryopteridaceae
Dryopteris oreades Mountain Male Fern Dryopteridaceae
Dryopteris carthusiana Narrow Buckler-fern Dryopteridaceae
Dryopteris dilatata Broad Buckler-fern Dryopteridaceae
Dryopteris aemula Hay-scented Buckler-fern Dryopteridaceae
Polystichum setiferum Soft Shield-fern Dryopteridaceae
Polystichum aculeatum Hard Shield-fern Dryopteridaceae
Polystichum lonchitis Holly Fern Dryopteridaceae
Oreopteris limbosperma Lemon-scented Fern Thelypteridaceae
Thelypteris palustris Marsh Fern Thelypteridaceae
Phegopteris connectilis Beech Fern Thelypteridaceae
Gymnocarpium dryopteris Oak Fern Woodsiaceae
Polypodium cambricum Southern Polypody Polypodiaceae
Polypodium vulgare sens. str. Polypody Polypodiaceae
Polypodium interjectum Intermediate Polypody Polypodiaceae
Pilularia globulifera Pillwort Marsileaceae
Azolla filiculoides Water Fern Azollaceae
Botrychium lunaria Moonwort Ophioglossaceae
Ophioglossum vulgatum Adder's-tongue Ophioglossaceae
Baldellia ranunculoides Lesser Water-plantain Alismataceae
Alisma plantago-aquatica Water-plantain Alismataceae
Alisma lanceolatum Narrow-leaved Water-plantain Alismataceae
Sagittaria sagittifolia Arrowhead Alismataceae
Butomus umbellatus Flowering Rush Butomaceae
Hydrocharis morsus-ranae Frogbit Hydrocharitaceae
Stratiotes aloides Water-soldier Hydrocharitaceae
Elodea canadensis Canadian Waterweed Hydrocharitaceae
Elodea nuttallii Nuttall's Water-weed Hydrocharitaceae
Lagarosiphon major Curly Waterweed Hydrocharitaceae
Triglochin palustre Marsh Arrowgrass Juncaginaceae
Triglochin maritimum Sea Arrowgrass Juncaginaceae
Zostera marina Eelgrass Zosteraceae
Zostera angustifolia Narrow-leaved Eelgrass Zosteraceae
Zostera noltii Dwarf Eelgrass Zosteraceae
Potamogeton natans Broad-leaved Pondweed Potamogetonaceae
Potamogeton polygonifolius Bog Pondweed Potamogetonaceae
Potamogeton coloratus Fen Pondweed Potamogetonaceae
Potamogeton lucens Shining Pondweed Potamogetonaceae
Potamogeton gramineus Various-leaved Pondweed Potamogetonaceae
Potamogeton alpinus Red Pondweed Potamogetonaceae
Potamogeton praelongus Long-stalked Pondweed Potamogetonaceae
Potamogeton perfoliatus Perfoliate Pondweed Potamogetonaceae
Potamogeton friesii Flat-stalked Pondweed Potamogetonaceae
Potamogeton pusillus Lesser Pondweed Potamogetonaceae
Potamogeton obtusifolius Blunt-leaved Pondweed Potamogetonaceae
Potamogeton berchtoldii Small Pondweed Potamogetonaceae
Potamogeton crispus Curled Pondweed Potamogetonaceae
Potamogeton filiformis Slender-leaved Pondweed Potamogetonaceae
Potamogeton pectinatus Fennel Pondweed Potamogetonaceae
Groenlandia densa Opposite-leaved Pondweed Potamogetonaceae
Ruppia cirrhosa Spiral Tasselweed Ruppiaceae
Ruppia maritima Beaked Tasselweed Ruppiaceae
Zannichellia palustris Horned Pondweed Zannichelliaceae
Narthecium ossifragum Bog Asphodel Liliaceae
Convallaria majalis Lily of the Valley Liliaceae
Polygonatum multiflorum x odoratum (P. x hybridum) Garden Solomon's Seal Liliaceae
Scilla verna Spring Squill Liliaceae
Hyacinthoides non-scripta Bluebell Liliaceae
Hyacinthoides hispanica Spanish Bluebell Liliaceae
Allium ampeloprasum var. babingtonii leek Liliaceae
Allium scorodoprasum Sand Leek Liliaceae
Allium vineale Wild Onion Liliaceae
Allium oleraceum Field Garlic Liliaceae
Allium carinatum Keeled Garlic Liliaceae
Allium schoenoprasum Chives Liliaceae
Allium triquetrum Three-cornered Garlic Liliaceae
Allium paradoxum Few-flowered Garlic Liliaceae
Allium ursinum Wild Garlic Liliaceae
Juncus squarrosus Heath Rush Juncaceae
Juncus tenuis Slender Rush Juncaceae
Juncus gerardii Saltmarsh Rush Juncaceae
Juncus bufonius agg. Toad Rush [agg.] Juncaceae
Juncus inflexus Hard Rush Juncaceae
Juncus effusus Soft Rush Juncaceae
Juncus conglomeratus Compact Rush Juncaceae
Juncus maritimus Sea Rush Juncaceae
Juncus subnodulosus Blunt-flowered Rush Juncaceae
Juncus acutiflorus Sharp-flowered Rush Juncaceae
Juncus articulatus Jointed Rush Juncaceae
Juncus bulbosus Bulbous Rush Juncaceae
Luzula pilosa Hairy Wood-rush Juncaceae
Luzula sylvatica Great Wood-rush Juncaceae
Luzula luzuloides White Wood-rush Juncaceae
Luzula campestris Field Wood-rush Juncaceae
Luzula multiflora Heath Wood-rush Juncaceae
Luzula pallidula Fen Wood-rush Juncaceae
Leucojum vernum Spring Snowflake Liliaceae
Leucojum aestivum Summer Snowflake Liliaceae
Galanthus nivalis Snowdrop Liliaceae
Sisyrinchium bermudiana Blue-eyed-grass Iridaceae
Iris pseudacorus Yellow Iris Iridaceae
Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora (C. aurea x pottsii) Montbretia Iridaceae
Cephalanthera longifolia Narrow-Leaved Helleborine Orchidaceae
Epipactis palustris Marsh Helleborine Orchidaceae
Epipactis helleborine Broad-Leaved Helleborine Orchidaceae
Epipactis phyllanthes Green-Flowered Helleborine Orchidaceae
Spiranthes romanzoffiana Irish Lady's-Tresses Orchidaceae
Listera ovata Common Twayblade Orchidaceae
Listera cordata Lesser Twayblade Orchidaceae
Neottia nidus-avis Bird's-Nest Orchid Orchidaceae
Hammarbya paludosa Bog Orchid Orchidaceae
Coeloglossum viride Frog Orchid Orchidaceae
Gymnadenia conopsea Fragrant Orchid Orchidaceae
Gymnadenia conopsea ssp. densiflora Fragrant Orchid Orchidaceae
Pseudorchis albida Small-White Orchid Orchidaceae
Platanthera chlorantha Greater Butterfly-Orchid Orchidaceae
Platanthera bifolia Lesser Butterfly-Orchid Orchidaceae
Neotinea maculata Dense-Flowered Orchid Orchidaceae
Ophrys apifera Bee orchid Orchidaceae
Orchis morio Green-Winged Orchid Orchidaceae
Orchis mascula Early-Purple Orchid Orchidaceae
Dactylorhiza fuchsii Common Spotted-Orchid Orchidaceae
Dactylorhiza maculata ssp. ericetorum Heath Spotted-Orchid (subspecies) Orchidaceae
Dactylorhiza incarnata Early Marsh-Orchid Orchidaceae
Dactylorhiza incarnata ssp. coccinea Early Marsh-Orchid (subspecies) Orchidaceae
Dactylorhiza incarnata ssp. incarnata Early Marsh-Orchid (subspecies) Orchidaceae
Dactylorhiza incarnata ssp. pulchella Early Marsh-Orchid (subspecies) Orchidaceae
Dactylorhiza purpurella Northern Marsh-Orchid Orchidaceae
Dactylorhiza traunsteineri Narrow-Leaved Marsh-Orchid Orchidaceae
Anacamptis pyramidalis Pyramidal Orchid Orchidaceae
Acorus calamus Sweet-flag Araceae
Lysichiton americanus American Skunk-cabbage Araceae
Arum maculatum Lords-and-ladies Araceae
Arum italicum Italian Lords-and-ladies Araceae
Spirodela polyrhiza Greater Duckweed Lemnaceae
Lemna trisulca Ivy-leaved Duckweed Lemnaceae
Lemna minor Common Duckweed Lemnaceae
Lemna gibba Gibbous duckweed Lemnaceae
Sparganium erectum Branched Bur-reed Sparganiaceae
Sparganium emersum Unbranched Bur-reed Sparganiaceae
Sparganium angustifolium Floating Bur-reed Sparganiaceae
Sparganium natans Least Bur-reed Sparganiaceae
Typha latifolia Bulrush Typhaceae
Typha angustifolia Lesser Bulrush Typhaceae
Eriophorum angustifolium Common Cottongrass Cyperaceae
Eriophorum latifolium Broad-leaved Cottongrass Cyperaceae
Eriophorum vaginatum Hare's-tail Cottongrass Cyperaceae
Trichophorum cespitosum Deergrass Cyperaceae
Bolboschoenus maritimus Sea Club-rush Cyperaceae
Scirpus sylvaticus Wood Club-rush Cyperaceae
Schoenoplectus lacustris Common Club-rush Cyperaceae
Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani Grey Club-rush Cyperaceae
Isolepis setacea Bristle Club-rush Cyperaceae
Isolepis cernua Slender Club-rush Cyperaceae
Eleogiton fluitans Floating Club-rush Cyperaceae
Eleocharis parvula Dwarf Spike-rush Cyperaceae
Eleocharis acicularis Needle Spike-rush Cyperaceae
Eleocharis quinqueflora Few-flowered Spike-rush Cyperaceae
Eleocharis multicaulis Many-stalked Spike-rush Cyperaceae
Eleocharis palustris Common Spike-rush Cyperaceae
Eleocharis uniglumis Slender Spike-rush Cyperaceae
Blysmus rufus Saltmarsh Flat-sedge Cyperaceae
Schoenus nigricans Black Bog-rush Cyperaceae
Rhynchospora alba White Beak-sedge Cyperaceae
Rhynchospora fusca Brown Beak-sedge Cyperaceae
Cladium mariscus Great Fen-sedge Cyperaceae
Carex laevigata Smooth-stalked Sedge Cyperaceae
Carex distans Distant Sedge Cyperaceae
Carex hostiana Tawny Sedge Cyperaceae
Carex binervis Green-ribbed Sedge Cyperaceae
Carex viridula ssp. brachyrrhyncha Long-stalked Yellow Sedge Cyperaceae
Carex viridula ssp. oedocarpa Common Yellow Sedge Cyperaceae
Carex viridula ssp. viridula Small-fruited Yellow Sedge Cyperaceae
Carex extensa Long-bracted Sedge Cyperaceae
Carex sylvatica Wood-sedge Cyperaceae
Carex pseudocyperus Cyperus Sedge Cyperaceae
Carex rostrata Bottle Sedge Cyperaceae
Carex vesicaria Bladder-sedge Cyperaceae
Carex riparia Great Pond-sedge Cyperaceae
Carex acutiformis Lesser Pond-sedge Cyperaceae
Carex pendula Pendulus Sedge Cyperaceae
Carex strigosa Thin-spiked Wood-sedge Cyperaceae
Carex pallescens Pale Sedge Cyperaceae
Carex panicea Carnation Sedge Cyperaceae
Carex limosa Bog-sedge Cyperaceae
Carex magellanica Tall Bog-sedge Cyperaceae
Carex flacca Glaucous Sedge Cyperaceae
Carex hirta Hairy Sedge Cyperaceae
Carex lasiocarpa Slender Sedge Cyperaceae
Carex pilulifera Pill Sedge Cyperaceae
Carex caryophyllea Spring Sedge Cyperaceae
Carex elata Tufted Sedge Cyperaceae
Carex acuta Slender Tufted-sedge Cyperaceae
Carex aquatilis Water Sedge Cyperaceae
Carex nigra Common Sedge Cyperaceae
Carex bigelowii Stiff Sedge Cyperaceae
Carex paniculata Greater Tussock-sedge Cyperaceae
Carex diandra Lesser Tussock-sedge Cyperaceae
Carex otrubae False Fox-sedge Cyperaceae
Carex disticha Brown Sedge Cyperaceae
Carex arenaria Sand Sedge Cyperaceae
Carex divulsa ssp. divulsa Grey Sedge Cyperaceae
Carex spicata Spiked Sedge Cyperaceae
Carex muricata ssp. lamprocarpa Prickly Sedge Cyperaceae
Carex elongata Elongated Sedge Cyperaceae
Carex echinata Star Sedge Cyperaceae
Carex remota Remote Sedge Cyperaceae
Carex curta White Sedge Cyperaceae
Carex ovalis Oval Sedge Cyperaceae
Carex pauciflora Few-flowered Sedge Cyperaceae
Carex pulicaris Flea Sedge Cyperaceae
Carex dioica Dioecious Sedge Cyperaceae
Phragmites australis Common Reed Gramineae / Poaceae
Molinia caerulea Purple Moor-grass Gramineae / Poaceae
Danthonia decumbens Heath-grass Gramineae / Poaceae
Glyceria fluitans Flote-grass Gramineae / Poaceae
Glyceria notata Plicate Sweet-grass Gramineae / Poaceae
Glyceria declinata Small Sweet-grass Gramineae / Poaceae
Glyceria maxima Reed Sweet-grass Gramineae / Poaceae
Festuca pratensis Meadow Fescue Gramineae / Poaceae
Festuca arundinacea Tall Fescue Gramineae / Poaceae
Festuca gigantea Giant Fescue Gramineae / Poaceae
Festuca altissima Wood Fescue Gramineae / Poaceae
Festuca ovina agg. Sheep's Fescue [agg.] Gramineae / Poaceae
Festuca vivipara Viviparous Sheep's-fescue Gramineae / Poaceae
Lolium perenne Perennial Rye-grass Gramineae / Poaceae
Lolium multiflorum Italian Rye-grass Gramineae / Poaceae
Vulpia bromoides Squirrel-tail Fescue Gramineae / Poaceae
Vulpia myuros Rat's-tail Fescue Gramineae / Poaceae
Puccinellia maritima Common Saltmarsh-grass Gramineae / Poaceae
Puccinellia distans Reflexed Saltmarsh-grass Gramineae / Poaceae
Catapodium rigidum Fern-grass Gramineae / Poaceae
Catapodium marinum Darnel Fescue Gramineae / Poaceae
Poa annua Annual Meadow-grass Gramineae / Poaceae
Poa infirma Early Meadow-grass Gramineae / Poaceae
Poa nemoralis Wood Meadow-grass Gramineae / Poaceae
Poa pratensis sens.lat. Smooth Meadow-grass Gramineae / Poaceae
Poa humilis Spreading Meadow-grass Gramineae / Poaceae
Poa trivialis Rough Meadow-grass Gramineae / Poaceae
Poa palustris Swamp Meadow-grass Gramineae / Poaceae
Catabrosa aquatica Whorl-grass Gramineae / Poaceae
Dactylis glomerata Cock's-foot Gramineae / Poaceae
Cynosurus cristatus Crested Dog's-tail Gramineae / Poaceae
Briza media Quaking-grass Gramineae / Poaceae
Melica uniflora Wood Melick Gramineae / Poaceae
Sesleria caerulea Blue Moor-grass Gramineae / Poaceae
Bromopsis erecta Upright Brome Gramineae / Poaceae
Bromopsis ramosa Hairy Brome Gramineae / Poaceae
Anisantha sterilis Barren Brome Gramineae / Poaceae
Bromus racemosus Smooth Brome Gramineae / Poaceae
Bromus commutatus Meadow Brome Gramineae / Poaceae
Bromus secalinus Rye Brome Gramineae / Poaceae
Brachypodium sylvaticum False-brome Gramineae / Poaceae
Brachypodium pinnatum Tor-grass Gramineae / Poaceae
Elymus caninus Bearded Couch Gramineae / Poaceae
Elytrigia repens Common Couch Gramineae / Poaceae
Elytrigia atherica Sea Couch Gramineae / Poaceae
Elytrigia juncea Sand Couch Gramineae / Poaceae
Leymus arenarius Lyme-grass Gramineae / Poaceae
Hordeum murinum Wall Barley Gramineae / Poaceae
Hordelymus europaeus Wood Barley Gramineae / Poaceae
Koeleria macrantha sens. lat. Crested Hair-grass Gramineae / Poaceae
Trisetum flavescens Yellow Oat-grass Gramineae / Poaceae
Avena fatua Wild Oat Gramineae / Poaceae
Avena strigosa Bristle Oat Gramineae / Poaceae
Helictotrichon pubescens Downy Oat-grass Gramineae / Poaceae
Arrhenatherum elatius False Oat-grass Gramineae / Poaceae
Holcus lanatus Yorkshire-fog Gramineae / Poaceae
Holcus mollis Creeping Soft-grass Gramineae / Poaceae
Deschampsia caespitosa Tufted Hair-grass Gramineae / Poaceae
Deschampsia flexuosa Wavy Hair-grass Gramineae / Poaceae
Aira praecox Early Hair-grass Gramineae / Poaceae
Aira caryophyllea Silver Hair-grass Gramineae / Poaceae
Ammophila arenaria Marram Gramineae / Poaceae
Calamagrostis epigejos Wood Small-reed Gramineae / Poaceae
Calamagrostis stricta Narrow Small-reed Gramineae / Poaceae
Agrostis canina sens.str. Brown Bent Gramineae / Poaceae
Agrostis vinealis Brown Bent Gramineae / Poaceae
Agrostis capillaris Common Bent Gramineae / Poaceae
Agrostis gigantea Black Bent Gramineae / Poaceae
Agrostis stolonifera Creeping Bent Gramineae / Poaceae
Agrostis scabra Rough Bent Gramineae / Poaceae
Phleum arenarium Sand Cat's-tail Gramineae / Poaceae
Alopecurus pratensis Meadow Foxtail Gramineae / Poaceae
Alopecurus geniculatus Marsh Foxtail Gramineae / Poaceae
Milium effusum Wood Millet Gramineae / Poaceae
Hierochloe odorata Holy-grass Gramineae / Poaceae
Anthoxanthum odoratum Sweet Vernal Grass Gramineae / Poaceae
Phalaris arundinacea Reed Canary-grass Gramineae / Poaceae
Phalaris canariensis Canary-grass Gramineae / Poaceae
Parapholis strigosa Hard Grass Gramineae / Poaceae
Nardus stricta Mat-grass Gramineae / Poaceae
Spartina alterniflora x maritima (S. x townsendii) Townsend's Cord-grass Gramineae / Poaceae
Spartina anglica Common Cord-grass Gramineae / Poaceae
Festuca pratensis x Lolium perenne (x Festulolium loliaceum) grass Gramineae / Poaceae
Caltha palustris Marsh Marigold Ranunculaceae
Trollius europaeus Globe-flower Ranunculaceae
Aconitum napellus agg. Monk's-hood Ranunculaceae
Anemone nemorosa Wood Anemone Ranunculaceae
Clematis vitalba Traveller's Joy Ranunculaceae
Ranunculus acris Meadow Buttercup Ranunculaceae
Ranunculus repens Creeping Buttercup Ranunculaceae
Ranunculus bulbosus Bulbous Buttercup Ranunculaceae
Ranunculus auricomus Goldilocks Ranunculaceae
Ranunculus lingua Greater Spearwort Ranunculaceae
Ranunculus flammula Lesser Spearwort Ranunculaceae
Ranunculus sceleratus Celery-leaved Buttercup Ranunculaceae
Ranunculus hederaceus Ivy-leaved Crowfoot Ranunculaceae
Ranunculus fluitans River Water-crowfoot Ranunculaceae
Ranunculus circinatus Fan-leaved Water-crowfoot Ranunculaceae
Ranunculus trichophyllus Thread-leaved Water-crowfoot Ranunculaceae
Ranunculus aquatilis Common Water-crowfoot Ranunculaceae
Ranunculus peltatus Pond Water-crowfoot Ranunculaceae
Ranunculus penicillatus Stream Water-crowfoot Ranunculaceae
Ranunculus ficaria Lesser Celandine Ranunculaceae
Aquilegia vulgaris Columbine Ranunculaceae
Thalictrum flavum Common Meadow-rue Ranunculaceae
Thalictrum alpinum Alpine Meadow-rue Ranunculaceae
Thalictrum minus Lesser Meadow-rue Ranunculaceae
Thalictrum minus ssp. arenarium lesser meadow-rue Ranunculaceae
Nymphaea alba White Water-lily Nymphaeaceae
Nuphar lutea Yellow Water-lily Nymphaeaceae
Ceratophyllum demersum Rigid Hornwort Ceratophyllaceae
Ceratophyllum submersum Soft Hornwort Ceratophyllaceae
Papaver rhoeas Field Poppy Papaveraceae
Papaver somniferum Opium Poppy Papaveraceae
Meconopsis cambrica Welsh Poppy Papaveraceae
Glaucium flavum Yellow Horned Poppy Papaveraceae
Chelidonium majus Greater Celandine Papaveraceae
Ceratocapnos claviculata Climbing Corydalis Fumariaceae
Pseudofumaria lutea Yellow Corydalis Fumariaceae
Fumaria capreolata White Ramping-fumitory Fumariaceae
Fumaria purpurea Purple Ramping-fumitory Fumariaceae
Fumaria bastardii Tall Ramping-fumitory Fumariaceae
Fumaria muralis Common Ramping-fumitory Fumariaceae
Fumaria officinalis Common Fumitory Fumariaceae
Brassica oleracea Cabbage Cruciferae / Brassicaceae
Brassica napus Rape Cruciferae / Brassicaceae
Brassica rapa Turnip Cruciferae / Brassicaceae
Brassica nigra Black Mustard Cruciferae / Brassicaceae
Sinapis arvensis Charlock Cruciferae / Brassicaceae
Sinapis alba White Mustard Cruciferae / Brassicaceae
Diplotaxis muralis Annual Wall-rocket Cruciferae / Brassicaceae
Raphanus raphanistrum ssp. maritimus Sea Radish Cruciferae / Brassicaceae
Crambe maritima Sea-kale Cruciferae / Brassicaceae
Cakile maritima Sea Rocket Cruciferae / Brassicaceae
Lepidium campestre Field Pepperwort Cruciferae / Brassicaceae
Lepidium heterophyllum Smith's Pepperwort Cruciferae / Brassicaceae
Lepidium ruderale Narrow-leaved Pepperwort Cruciferae / Brassicaceae
Coronopus squamatus Swine-cress Cruciferae / Brassicaceae
Coronopus didymus Lesser Swine-cress Cruciferae / Brassicaceae
Lepidium draba Hoary Cress Cruciferae / Brassicaceae
Thlaspi arvense Field Penny-cress Cruciferae / Brassicaceae
Teesdalia nudicaulis Shepherd's Cress Cruciferae / Brassicaceae
Capsella bursa-pastoris Shepherd's-purse Cruciferae / Brassicaceae
Cochlearia officinalis ssp officinalis Common Scurvygrass Cruciferae / Brassicaceae
Cochlearia officinalis ssp. scotica common scurvygrass Cruciferae / Brassicaceae
Cochlearia danica Danish Scurvygrass Cruciferae / Brassicaceae
Cochlearia anglica English Scurvygrass Cruciferae / Brassicaceae
Subularia aquatica Awlwort Cruciferae / Brassicaceae
Draba incana Hoary Whitlowgrass Cruciferae / Brassicaceae
Draba muralis Wall Whitlowgrass Cruciferae / Brassicaceae
Armoracia rusticana Horse-radish Cruciferae / Brassicaceae
Cardamine pratensis Cuckoo-flower Cruciferae / Brassicaceae
Cardamine amara Large Bitter-cress Cruciferae / Brassicaceae
Cardamine flexuosa Wavy Bitter-cress Cruciferae / Brassicaceae
Cardamine hirsuta Hairy Bitter-cress Cruciferae / Brassicaceae
Barbarea vulgaris Winter-cress Cruciferae / Brassicaceae
Barbarea intermedia Medium-flowered Winter-cress Cruciferae / Brassicaceae
Barbarea verna American Winter-cress Cruciferae / Brassicaceae
Arabis hirsuta Hairy Rock-cress Cruciferae / Brassicaceae
Rorippa sylvestris Creeping Yellow-cress Cruciferae / Brassicaceae
Rorippa palustris Marsh Yellow-cress Cruciferae / Brassicaceae
Rorippa amphibia Greater Yellow-cress Cruciferae / Brassicaceae
Hesperis matronalis Dame's Violet Cruciferae / Brassicaceae
Erysimum cheiranthoides Treacle Mustard Cruciferae / Brassicaceae
Erysimum cheiri Wallflower Cruciferae / Brassicaceae
Alliaria petiolata Garlic Mustard Cruciferae / Brassicaceae
Sisymbrium officinale Hedge Mustard Cruciferae / Brassicaceae
Sisymbrium orientale Eastern Rocket Cruciferae / Brassicaceae
Sisymbrium altissimum Tall Rocket Cruciferae / Brassicaceae
Arabidopsis thaliana Thale Cress Cruciferae / Brassicaceae
Camelina sativa Gold-of-pleasure Cruciferae / Brassicaceae
Descurainia sophia Flixweed Cruciferae / Brassicaceae
Lunaria annua Honesty Cruciferae / Brassicaceae
Reseda luteola Weld Resedaceae
Reseda lutea Wild Mignonette Resedaceae
Viola odorata Sweet Violet Violaceae
Viola riviniana Common Dog-violet Violaceae
Viola reichenbachiana Early Dog-violet Violaceae
Viola canina Heath Dog-violet Violaceae
Viola persicifolia Fen Violet Violaceae
Viola palustris Marsh Violet Violaceae
Viola tricolor Wild Pansy Violaceae
Viola arvensis Field Pansy Violaceae
Polygala vulgaris Common Milkwort Polygalaceae
Polygala serpyllifolia Heath Milkwort Polygalaceae
Hypericum androsaemum Tutsan Guttiferae / Hypericaceae / Clusiaceae
Hypericum calycinum Rose-of-Sharon Guttiferae / Hypericaceae / Clusiaceae
Hypericum perforatum Perforate St. John's-wort Guttiferae / Hypericaceae / Clusiaceae
Hypericum maculatum Imperforate St. John's-wort Guttiferae / Hypericaceae / Clusiaceae
Hypericum tetrapterum Square-stalked St. John's-wort Guttiferae / Hypericaceae / Clusiaceae
Hypericum humifusum Trailing St. John's-wort Guttiferae / Hypericaceae / Clusiaceae
Hypericum pulchrum Slender St. John's-wort Guttiferae / Hypericaceae / Clusiaceae
Hypericum hirsutum Hairy St. John's-wort Guttiferae / Hypericaceae / Clusiaceae
Hypericum elodes Marsh St. John's-wort Guttiferae / Hypericaceae / Clusiaceae
Elatine hexandra Six-stamened Waterwort Elatinaceae
Elatine hydropiper Eight-stamened Waterwort Elatinaceae
Silene vulgaris Bladder Campion Caryophyllaceae
Silene uniflora Sea Campion Caryophyllaceae
Silene acaulis Moss Campion Caryophyllaceae
Silene dioica Red Campion Caryophyllaceae
Lychnis flos-cuculi Ragged Robin Caryophyllaceae
Agrostemma githago Corncockle Caryophyllaceae
Saponaria officinalis Soapwort Caryophyllaceae
Cerastium arvense Field Mouse-ear Caryophyllaceae
Cerastium tomentosum Snow-in-summer Caryophyllaceae
Cerastium fontanum Common Mouse-ear Caryophyllaceae
Cerastium glomeratum Sticky Mouse-ear Caryophyllaceae
Cerastium diffusum Dark-green Mouse-ear Caryophyllaceae
Cerastium semidecandrum Little Mouse-ear Caryophyllaceae
Stellaria holostea Greater Stitchwort Caryophyllaceae
Stellaria palustris Marsh Stitchwort Caryophyllaceae
Stellaria graminea Lesser Stitchwort Caryophyllaceae
Stellaria uliginosa Bog Stitchwort Caryophyllaceae
Sagina maritima Sea Pearlwort Caryophyllaceae
Sagina procumbens Procumbent Pearlwort Caryophyllaceae
Sagina subulata Heath Pearlwort Caryophyllaceae
Sagina nodosa Knotted Pearlwort Caryophyllaceae
Minuartia verna Spring Sandwort Caryophyllaceae
Honckenya peploides Sea Sandwort Caryophyllaceae
Moehringia trinervia Three-nerved Sandwort Caryophyllaceae
Arenaria serpyllifolia ssp. leptoclados Small Thyme-leaved Sandwort Caryophyllaceae
Arenaria balearica Mossy Sandwort Caryophyllaceae
Spergula arvensis Corn Spurrey Caryophyllaceae
Spergularia rubra Sand Spurrey Caryophyllaceae
Spergularia rupicola Rock Sea-spurrey Caryophyllaceae
Spergularia media Greater Sea-spurrey Caryophyllaceae
Spergularia marina Lesser Sea-spurrey Caryophyllaceae
Montia fontana Blinks Portulacaceae
Claytonia perfoliata Spring Beauty Portulacaceae
Claytonia sibirica Pink Purslane Portulacaceae
Chenopodium bonus-henricus Good King Henry Chenopodiaceae
Chenopodium polyspermum Many-seeded Goosefoot Chenopodiaceae
Chenopodium album agg. Fat Hen Chenopodiaceae
Chenopodium murale Nettle-leaved Goosefoot Chenopodiaceae
Chenopodium rubrum Red Goosefoot Chenopodiaceae
Beta vulgaris ssp. maritima Sea Beet Chenopodiaceae
Atriplex littoralis Grass-leaved Orache Chenopodiaceae
Atriplex patula Common Orache Chenopodiaceae
Atriplex prostrata sens.str. Spear-leaved Orache Chenopodiaceae
Atriplex glabriuscula Babington's Orache Chenopodiaceae
Atriplex laciniata Frosted Orache Chenopodiaceae
Atriplex portulacoides Sea Purslane Chenopodiaceae
Suaeda maritima Annual Sea-blite Chenopodiaceae
Salicornia sp. glasswort Chenopodiaceae
Malva sylvestris Common Mallow Malvaceae
Lavatera arborea Tree-mallow Malvaceae
Linum usitatissimum Flax Linaceae
Linum catharticum Fairy Flax Linaceae
Radiola linoides Allseed Linaceae
Geranium pratense Meadow Crane's-bill Geraniaceae
Geranium sylvaticum Wood Crane's-bill Geraniaceae
Geranium endressii French Crane's-bill Geraniaceae
Geranium versicolor Pencilled Crane's-bill Geraniaceae
Geranium pyrenaicum Hedgerow Crane's-bill Geraniaceae
Geranium columbinum Long-stalked Crane's-bill Geraniaceae
Geranium dissectum Cut-leaved Crane's-bill Geraniaceae
Geranium molle Dove's-foot Crane's-bill Geraniaceae
Geranium lucidum Shining Crane's-bill Geraniaceae
Geranium robertianum Herb-robert Geraniaceae
Erodium maritimum Sea Stork's-bill Geraniaceae
Erodium moschatum Musk Stork's-bill Geraniaceae
Erodium lebelii Sticky Stork's-bill Geraniaceae
Oxalis acetosella Wood-sorrel Oxalidaceae
Oxalis corniculata Procumbent Yellow-sorrel Oxalidaceae
Oxalis articulata Pink-sorrel Oxalidaceae
Impatiens glandulifera Indian Balsam Balsaminaceae
Acer pseudoplatanus Sycamore Aceraceae
Acer platanoides Norway Maple Aceraceae
Acer campestre Field Maple Aceraceae
Ilex aquifolium Holly Aquifoliaceae
Euonymus europaeus Spindle Celastraceae
Rhamnus cathartica Buckthorn Rhamnaceae
Frangula alnus Alder Buckthorn Rhamnaceae
Lupinus arboreus Tree Lupin Leguminosae / Fabaceae
Laburnum anagyroides Laburnum Leguminosae / Fabaceae
Ulex europaeus Gorse Leguminosae / Fabaceae
Ulex gallii Western Gorse Leguminosae / Fabaceae
Cytisus scoparius Broom Leguminosae / Fabaceae
Ononis repens Common Restharrow Leguminosae / Fabaceae
Medicago lupulina Black Medick Leguminosae / Fabaceae
Melilotus altissimus Tall Melilot Leguminosae / Fabaceae
Melilotus officinalis Ribbed Melilot Leguminosae / Fabaceae
Melilotus albus White Melilot Leguminosae / Fabaceae
Trifolium pratense Red Clover Leguminosae / Fabaceae
Trifolium medium Zigzag Clover Leguminosae / Fabaceae
Trifolium arvense Hare's-foot Clover Leguminosae / Fabaceae
Trifolium striatum Knotted Clover Leguminosae / Fabaceae
Trifolium hybridum Alsike Clover Leguminosae / Fabaceae
Trifolium repens White Clover Leguminosae / Fabaceae
Trifolium campestre Hop Trefoil Leguminosae / Fabaceae
Trifolium dubium Lesser Trefoil Leguminosae / Fabaceae
Trifolium micranthum Slender Trefoil Leguminosae / Fabaceae
Anthyllis vulneraria Kidney Vetch Leguminosae / Fabaceae
Lotus corniculatus Common Bird's-foot-trefoil Leguminosae / Fabaceae
Lotus pedunculatus Large Bird's-foot-trefoil Leguminosae / Fabaceae
Ornithopus perpusillus Bird's-foot Leguminosae / Fabaceae
Vicia cracca Tufted Vetch Leguminosae / Fabaceae
Vicia orobus Wood Bitter-vetch Leguminosae / Fabaceae
Vicia sylvatica Wood Vetch Leguminosae / Fabaceae
Vicia sepium Bush Vetch Leguminosae / Fabaceae
Vicia lathyroides Spring Vetch Leguminosae / Fabaceae
Lathyrus pratensis Meadow Vetchling Leguminosae / Fabaceae
Lathyrus palustris Marsh Pea Leguminosae / Fabaceae
Lathyrus linifolius Bitter-vetch Leguminosae / Fabaceae
Spiraea salicifolia agg. Bridewort Rosaceae
Filipendula ulmaria Meadowsweet Rosaceae
Rubus chamaemorus Cloudberry Rosaceae
Rubus saxatilis Stone Bramble Rosaceae
Rubus idaeus Raspberry Rosaceae
Rubus spectabilis Salmonberry Rosaceae
Rubus caesius Dewberry Rosaceae
Rubus fruticosus agg. Bramble Rosaceae
Potentilla palustris Marsh Cinquefoil Rosaceae
Potentilla sterilis Barren Strawberry Rosaceae
Potentilla anserina Silverweed Rosaceae
Potentilla erecta Tormentil Rosaceae
Potentilla anglica Trailing Tormentil Rosaceae
Potentilla x mixta sens. lat. (P. anglica or erecta x reptans) Hybrid Cinquefoil Rosaceae
Potentilla reptans Creeping Cinquefoil Rosaceae
Fragaria vesca Wild Strawberry Rosaceae
Geum urbanum Herb Bennet Rosaceae
Geum rivale Water Avens Rosaceae
Geum rivale x urbanum (G. x intermedium) Hybrid Avens Rosaceae
Dryas octopetala Mountain Avens Rosaceae
Agrimonia eupatoria Agrimony Rosaceae
Agrimonia procera Fragrant Agrimony Rosaceae
Alchemilla vestita lady's-mantle Rosaceae
Alchemilla xanthochlora lady's-mantle Rosaceae
Alchemilla glabra lady's-mantle Rosaceae
Alchemilla mollis lady's-mantle Rosaceae
Aphanes arvensis sens.str. Parsley-piert Rosaceae
Aphanes inexspectata Slender Parsley-piert Rosaceae
Sanguisorba officinalis Great Burnet Rosaceae
Rosa arvensis Field Rose Rosaceae
Rosa pimpinellifolia Burnet Rose Rosaceae
Rosa rugosa Japanese Rose Rosaceae
Rosa canina agg. Dog Rose Rosaceae
Rosa sherardii Sherard's Downy-rose Rosaceae
Rosa rubiginosa agg. Sweet-briar Rosaceae
Prunus spinosa Blackthorn Rosaceae
Prunus domestica Wild Plum Rosaceae
Prunus avium Wild Cherry Rosaceae
Prunus padus Bird Cherry Rosaceae
Prunus laurocerasus Cherry Laurel Rosaceae
Cotoneaster simonsii Khasia berry Rosaceae
Cotoneaster integrifolius Small-leaved Cotoneaster Rosaceae
Cotoneaster frigidus Tree Cotoneaster Rosaceae
Crataegus laevigata Midland Hawthorn Rosaceae
Crataegus monogyna Hawthorn Rosaceae
Crataegus laevigata x monogyna (C. x macrocarpa) Hybrid Hawthorn Rosaceae
Sorbus aucuparia Rowan Rosaceae
Sorbus intermedia agg. whitebeam Rosaceae
Sorbus aria agg. Whitebeam Rosaceae
Sorbus hibernica whitebeam Rosaceae
Sorbus rupicola whitebeam Rosaceae
Sorbus latifolia agg. French Hales Rosaceae
Sorbus torminalis Wild Service-tree Rosaceae
Malus sylvestris sens.str. Crab Apple Rosaceae
Malus domestica Apple Rosaceae
Sedum rosea Roseroot Crassulaceae
Sedum telephium Orpine Crassulaceae
Sedum anglicum English Stonecrop Crassulaceae
Sedum album White Stonecrop Crassulaceae
Sedum acre Biting Stonecrop Crassulaceae
Sedum forsterianum Rock Stonecrop Crassulaceae
Sedum rupestre Reflexed Stonecrop Crassulaceae
Sempervivum tectorum House-leek Crassulaceae
Umbilicus rupestris Navelwort Crassulaceae
Saxifraga stellaris Starry Saxifrage Saxifragaceae
Saxifraga hirculus Marsh Saxifrage Saxifragaceae
Saxifraga tridactylites Rue-leaved Saxifrage Saxifragaceae
Saxifraga hypnoides Mossy Saxifrage Saxifragaceae
Saxifraga aizoides Yellow Mountain Saxifrage Saxifragaceae
Saxifraga oppositifolia Purple Saxifrage Saxifragaceae
Chrysosplenium oppositifolium Opposite-leaved Golden-saxifrage Saxifragaceae
Parnassia palustris Grass of Parnassus Saxifragaceae
Ribes nigrum Black Currant Grossulariaceae
Ribes sanguineum Flowering Currant Grossulariaceae
Ribes uva-crispa Gooseberry Grossulariaceae
Drosera rotundifolia Round-leaved Sundew Droseraceae
Drosera longifolia Great Sundew Droseraceae
Drosera intermedia Oblong-leaved Sundew Droseraceae
Sarracenia purpurea Pitcher Plant Sarraceniaceae
Lythrum salicaria Purple-loosestrife Lythraceae
Hippophae rhamnoides Sea-buckthorn Elaeagnaceae
Epilobium hirsutum Great Willowherb Onagraceae
Epilobium parviflorum Hoary Willowherb Onagraceae
Epilobium montanum Broad-leaved Willowherb Onagraceae
Epilobium roseum Pale Willowherb Onagraceae
Epilobium ciliatum American Willowherb Onagraceae
Epilobium tetragonum Square-stalked Willowherb Onagraceae
Epilobium obscurum Short-fruited Willowherb Onagraceae
Epilobium palustre Marsh Willowherb Onagraceae
Epilobium brunnescens New Zealand Willowherb Onagraceae
Chamerion angustifolium Rosebay Willowherb Onagraceae
Oenothera glazioviana Large-flowered Evening-primrose Onagraceae
Fuchsia magellanica Fuchsia Onagraceae
Circaea lutetiana Enchanter's-nightshade Onagraceae
Circaea alpina x lutetiana (C. x intermedia) Upland Enchanter's-nightshade Onagraceae
Myriophyllum verticillatum Whorled Water-milfoil Halogaraceae
Myriophyllum spicatum Spiked Water-milfoil Halogaraceae
Myriophyllum alterniflorum Alternate Water-milfoil Halogaraceae
Hippuris vulgaris Mare's-tail Hippuridaceae
Callitriche stagnalis sens.str. Common Water-starwort Callitrichaceae
Callitriche platycarpa Various-leaved Water-starwort Callitrichaceae
Callitriche obtusangula Blue-fruited Water-starwort Callitrichaceae
Callitriche hamulata sens.str. Intermediate Water-Starwort Callitrichaceae
Callitriche hermaphroditica Annual Water-starwort Callitrichaceae
Callitriche brutia Pedunculate Water-starwort Callitrichaceae
Viscum album Mistletoe Viscaceae
Hedera helix Ivy Araliaceae
Myrica gale Bog Myrtle Myricaceae
Hydrocotyle vulgaris Marsh Pennywort Umbelliferae / Apiaceae
Sanicula europaea Sanicle Umbelliferae / Apiaceae
Eryngium maritimum Sea Holly Umbelliferae / Apiaceae
Chaerophyllum temulum Rough Chervil Umbelliferae / Apiaceae
Anthriscus caucalis Bur Parsley Umbelliferae / Apiaceae
Anthriscus sylvestris Cow Parsley Umbelliferae / Apiaceae
Scandix pecten-veneris Shepherd's-needle Umbelliferae / Apiaceae
Myrrhis odorata Sweet Cicely Umbelliferae / Apiaceae
Torilis japonica Upright Hedge-parsley Umbelliferae / Apiaceae
Torilis nodosa Knotted Hedge-parsley Umbelliferae / Apiaceae
Smyrnium olusatrum Alexanders Umbelliferae / Apiaceae
Conium maculatum Hemlock Umbelliferae / Apiaceae
Apium graveolens Wild Celery Umbelliferae / Apiaceae
Apium nodiflorum Fool's Water-cress Umbelliferae / Apiaceae
Apium inundatum Lesser Marshwort Umbelliferae / Apiaceae
Apium inundatum x nodiflorum (A. x moorei) fool's water-cress Umbelliferae / Apiaceae
Cicuta virosa Cowbane Umbelliferae / Apiaceae
Falcaria vulgaris Longleaf Umbelliferae / Apiaceae
Carum verticillatum Whorled Caraway Umbelliferae / Apiaceae
Carum carvi Caraway Umbelliferae / Apiaceae
Conopodium majus Pignut Umbelliferae / Apiaceae
Pimpinella saxifraga Burnet-saxifrage Umbelliferae / Apiaceae
Aegopodium podagraria Ground-elder Umbelliferae / Apiaceae
Sium latifolium Great Water-parsnip Umbelliferae / Apiaceae
Berula erecta Lesser Water-parsnip Umbelliferae / Apiaceae
Crithmum maritimum Rock Samphire Umbelliferae / Apiaceae
Oenanthe fistulosa Tubular Water-dropwort Umbelliferae / Apiaceae
Oenanthe lachenalii Parsley Water-dropwort Umbelliferae / Apiaceae
Oenanthe crocata Hemlock Water-dropwort Umbelliferae / Apiaceae
Oenanthe aquatica Fine-leaved Water-dropwort Umbelliferae / Apiaceae
Aethusa cynapium Fool's Parsley Umbelliferae / Apiaceae
Foeniculum vulgare Fennel Umbelliferae / Apiaceae
Ligusticum scoticum Scottish Lovage Umbelliferae / Apiaceae
Angelica sylvestris Wild Angelica Umbelliferae / Apiaceae
Peucedanum ostruthium Masterwort Umbelliferae / Apiaceae
Pastinaca sativa Parsnip Umbelliferae / Apiaceae
Heracleum mantegazzianum Giant Hogweed Umbelliferae / Apiaceae
Bryonia dioica White Bryony Cucurbitaceae
Mercurialis perennis Dog's Mercury Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia helioscopia Sun Spurge Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia peplus Petty Spurge Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia portlandica Portland Spurge Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia paralias Sea Spurge Euphorbiaceae
Polygonum aviculare agg. Knotgrass [agg.] Polygonaceae
Polygonum oxyspermum Ray's Knotgrass Polygonaceae
Persicaria bistorta Common Bistort Polygonaceae
Persicaria amplexicaulis Red Bistort Polygonaceae
Persicaria amphibia Amphibious Bistort Polygonaceae
Persicaria maculosa Redshank Polygonaceae
Persicaria lapathifolia Pale Persicaria Polygonaceae
Persicaria hydropiper Water-pepper Polygonaceae
Persicaria laxiflora Tasteless Water-pepper Polygonaceae
Persicaria minor Small Water-pepper Polygonaceae
Fallopia convolvulus Black Bindweed Polygonaceae
Fallopia baldschuanica Russian Vine Polygonaceae
Fallopia japonica Japanese Knotweed Polygonaceae
Fallopia sachalinensis Giant Knotweed Polygonaceae
Persicaria wallichii Himalayan Knotweed Polygonaceae
Persicaria campanulata Lesser Knotweed Polygonaceae
Rumex acetosella Sheep's Sorrel [agg.] Polygonaceae
Rumex acetosa Common Sorrel Polygonaceae
Rumex hydrolapathum Water Dock Polygonaceae
Rumex crispus Curled Dock Polygonaceae
Rumex obtusifolius Broad-leaved Dock Polygonaceae
Rumex conglomeratus Clustered Dock Polygonaceae
Parietaria judaica Pellitory-of-the-Wall Urticaceae
Soleirolia soleirolii Mind-your-own-business Urticaceae
Urtica urens Small Nettle Urticaceae
Urtica dioica Stinging Nettle Urticaceae
Humulus lupulus Hop Cannabinaceae
Ulmus glabra Wych Elm Ulmaceae
Ulmus procera English Elm Ulmaceae
Ulmus minor ssp. minor Small-leaved Elm Ulmaceae
Betula pendula Silver Birch Betulaceae
Betula pubescens Downy Birch Betulaceae
Alnus glutinosa Alder Betulaceae
Alnus incana Grey Alder Betulaceae
Alnus cordata Italian Alder Betulaceae
Corylus avellana Hazel Betulaceae
Fagus sylvatica Beech Fagaceae
Castanea sativa Sweet Chestnut Fagaceae
Quercus robur Pedunculate Oak Fagaceae
Quercus petraea Sessile Oak Fagaceae
Quercus petraea x robur (Q. x rosacea) Hybrid Oak Fagaceae
Populus tremula Aspen Salicaceae
Salix pentandra Bay Willow Salicaceae
Salix alba White Willow Salicaceae
Salix fragilis Crack Willow Salicaceae
Salix triandra Almond Willow Salicaceae
Salix purpurea Purple Willow Salicaceae
Salix viminalis Osier Salicaceae
Salix caprea Goat Willow Salicaceae
Salix cinerea Grey Willow Salicaceae
Salix aurita Eared Willow Salicaceae
Salix myrsinifolia Dark-leaved Willow Salicaceae
Salix repens Creeping Willow Salicaceae
Salix herbacea Dwarf Willow Salicaceae
Rhododendron ponticum Rhododendron Ericaceae
Andromeda polifolia Bog-rosemary Ericaceae
Gaultheria shallon Shallon Ericaceae
Arbutus unedo Strawberry-tree Ericaceae
Arctostaphylos uva-ursi Bearberry Ericaceae
Calluna vulgaris Heather Ericaceae
Erica tetralix Cross-leaved Heath Ericaceae
Erica cinerea Bell Heather Ericaceae
Erica terminalis Corsican Heath Ericaceae
Erica vagans Cornish Heath Ericaceae
Vaccinium vitis-idaea Cowberry Ericaceae
Vaccinium myrtillus Bilberry Ericaceae
Vaccinium oxycoccos Cranberry Ericaceae
Monotropa hypopitys Yellow Bird's-nest Monotropaceae
Primula veris Cowslip Primulaceae
Primula veris x vulgaris (P. x polyantha) False Oxlip Primulaceae
Primula vulgaris Primrose Primulaceae
Hottonia palustris Water-violet Primulaceae
Lysimachia nemorum Yellow Pimpernel Primulaceae
Lysimachia nummularia Creeping-Jenny Primulaceae
Lysimachia vulgaris Yellow Loosestrife Primulaceae
Lysimachia punctata Dotted Loosestrife Primulaceae
Anagallis tenella Bog Pimpernel Primulaceae
Anagallis arvensis Scarlet Pimpernel Primulaceae
Anagallis minima Chaffweed Primulaceae
Glaux maritima Sea-milkwort Primulaceae
Samolus valerandi Brookweed Primulaceae
Buddleja davidii Butterfly-bush Buddlejaceae
Fraxinus excelsior Ash Oleaceae
Ligustrum vulgare Wild Privet Oleaceae
Ligustrum ovalifolium Garden Privet Oleaceae
Vinca minor Lesser Periwinkle Apocynaceae
Centaurium erythraea Common Centaury Gentianaceae
Centaurium littorale Seaside Centaury Gentianaceae
Gentianella campestris Field Gentian Gentianaceae
Gentianella amarella Autumn Gentian Gentianaceae
Menyanthes trifoliata Bogbean Menyanthaceae
Nymphoides peltata Fringed Water-lily Menyanthaceae
Cynoglossum officinale Hound's-tongue Boraginaceae
Symphytum officinale Common Comfrey Boraginaceae
Symphytum asperum x officinale (S. x uplandicum) Russian Comfrey Boraginaceae
Symphytum tuberosum Tuberous Comfrey Boraginaceae
Borago officinalis Borage Boraginaceae
Pentaglottis sempervirens Green Alkanet Boraginaceae
Anchusa arvensis Bugloss Boraginaceae
Myosotis scorpioides Water Forget-me-not Boraginaceae
Myosotis secunda Creeping Forget-me-not Boraginaceae
Myosotis laxa Tufted Forget-me-not Boraginaceae
Myosotis sylvatica Wood Forget-me-not Boraginaceae
Myosotis arvensis Field Forget-me-not Boraginaceae
Myosotis discolor Changing Forget-me-not Boraginaceae
Myosotis ramosissima Early Forget-me-not Boraginaceae
Lithospermum officinale Common Gromwell Boraginaceae
Mertensia maritima Oysterplant Boraginaceae
Echium vulgare Viper's Bugloss Boraginaceae
Convolvulus arvensis Field Bindweed Convolvulaceae
Calystegia sepium ssp. sepium Great Bindweed Convolvulaceae
Calystegia pulchra Hairy Bindweed Convolvulaceae
Calystegia silvatica Large Bindweed Convolvulaceae
Calystegia soldanella Sea Bindweed Convolvulaceae
Cuscuta epithymum Dodder Cuscutaceae
Atropa belladonna Deadly Nightshade Solanaceae
Hyoscyamus niger Henbane Solanaceae
Solanum dulcamara Bittersweet Solanaceae
Solanum nigrum Black Nightshade Solanaceae
Verbascum thapsus Great Mullein Scrophulariaceae
Antirrhinum majus Snapdragon Scrophulariaceae
Linaria purpurea Purple Toadflax Scrophulariaceae
Linaria repens Pale Toadflax Scrophulariaceae
Linaria vulgaris Common Toadflax Scrophulariaceae
Cymbalaria muralis Ivy-leaved Toadflax Scrophulariaceae
Scrophularia nodosa Common Figwort Scrophulariaceae
Scrophularia auriculata Water Figwort Scrophulariaceae
Scrophularia umbrosa Green Figwort Scrophulariaceae
Mimulus guttatus x luteus (M. x robertsii) monkeyflower Scrophulariaceae
Limosella aquatica Mudwort Scrophulariaceae
Erinus alpinus Fairy Foxglove Scrophulariaceae
Digitalis purpurea Foxglove Scrophulariaceae
Veronica beccabunga Brooklime Scrophulariaceae
Veronica anagallis-aquatica Blue Water-speedwell Scrophulariaceae
Veronica catenata Pink Water-speedwell Scrophulariaceae
Veronica scutellata Marsh Speedwell Scrophulariaceae
Veronica officinalis Heath Speedwell Scrophulariaceae
Veronica montana Wood Speedwell Scrophulariaceae
Veronica chamaedrys Germander Speedwell Scrophulariaceae
Veronica serpyllifolia Thyme-leaved Speedwell Scrophulariaceae
Veronica peregrina American Speedwell Scrophulariaceae
Veronica arvensis Wall Speedwell Scrophulariaceae
Veronica hederifolia Ivy-leaved Speedwell [agg.] Scrophulariaceae
Veronica persica Common Field-speedwell Scrophulariaceae
Veronica polita Grey Field-speedwell Scrophulariaceae
Veronica filiformis Slender Speedwell Scrophulariaceae
Hebe salicifolia Koromiko Scrophulariaceae
Pedicularis palustris Marsh Lousewort Scrophulariaceae
Pedicularis sylvatica Lousewort Scrophulariaceae
Rhinanthus minor Yellow-rattle Scrophulariaceae
Melampyrum pratense Common Cow-wheat Scrophulariaceae
Melampyrum sylvaticum Small Cow-wheat Scrophulariaceae
Euphrasia officinalis agg. Eyebright Scrophulariaceae
Euphrasia micrantha eyebright Scrophulariaceae
Euphrasia scottica eyebright Scrophulariaceae
Euphrasia tetraquetra eyebright Scrophulariaceae
Euphrasia nemorosa eyebright Scrophulariaceae
Euphrasia arctica ssp. borealis eyebright Scrophulariaceae
Odontites vernus Red Bartsia Scrophulariaceae
Parentucellia viscosa Yellow Bartsia Scrophulariaceae
Lathraea squamaria Toothwort Orobanchaceae
Lathraea clandestina Purple Toothwort Orobanchaceae
Orobanche alba Thyme Broomrape Orobanchaceae
Orobanche minor Common Broomrape Orobanchaceae
Orobanche hederae Ivy Broomrape Orobanchaceae
Pinguicula lusitanica Pale Butterwort Lentibulariaceae
Pinguicula vulgaris Common Butterwort Lentibulariaceae
Utricularia vulgaris sens.str. Greater Bladderwort Lentibulariaceae
Utricularia australis Bladderwort Lentibulariaceae
Utricularia minor Lesser Bladderwort Lentibulariaceae
Mentha requienii Corsican Mint Lamiaceae
Mentha pulegium Pennyroyal Lamiaceae
Mentha arvensis Corn Mint Lamiaceae
Mentha aquatica Water Mint Lamiaceae
Mentha aquatica x arvensis (M. x verticillata) Whorled Mint Lamiaceae
Mentha aquatica x spicata (M. x piperita) Peppermint Lamiaceae
Mentha spicata Spear Mint Lamiaceae
Lycopus europaeus Gipsywort Lamiaceae
Thymus polytrichus Wild Thyme Lamiaceae
Prunella vulgaris Selfheal Lamiaceae
Stachys officinalis Betony Lamiaceae
Stachys arvensis Field Woundwort Lamiaceae
Stachys palustris Marsh Woundwort Lamiaceae
Stachys sylvatica Hedge Woundwort Lamiaceae
Ballota nigra Black Horehound Lamiaceae
Lamiastrum galeobdolon Yellow Archangel Lamiaceae
Lamium amplexicaule Hen-bit Dead-nettle Lamiaceae
Lamium confertum Northern Dead-nettle Lamiaceae
Lamium hybridum Cut-leaved Dead-nettle Lamiaceae
Lamium purpureum Red Dead-nettle Lamiaceae
Lamium album White Dead-nettle Lamiaceae
Lamium maculatum Spotted Dead-nettle Lamiaceae
Galeopsis tetrahit agg. Common Hemp-nettle [agg.] Lamiaceae
Galeopsis bifida Bifid Hemp-nettle Lamiaceae
Galeopsis speciosa Large-flowered Hemp-nettle Lamiaceae
Glechoma hederacea Ground-ivy Lamiaceae
Scutellaria galericulata Skullcap Lamiaceae
Teucrium scorodonia Wood Sage Lamiaceae
Ajuga reptans Bugle Lamiaceae
Ajuga pyramidalis Pyramidal Bugle Lamiaceae
Plantago major Greater Plantain Plantaginaceae
Plantago media Hoary Plantain Plantaginaceae
Plantago lanceolata Ribwort Plantain Plantaginaceae
Plantago maritima Sea Plantain Plantaginaceae
Plantago coronopus Buck's-horn Plantain Plantaginaceae
Littorella uniflora Shoreweed Plantaginaceae
Campanula latifolia Giant Bellflower Campanulaceae
Campanula trachelium Nettle-leaved Bellflower Campanulaceae
Campanula rotundifolia Harebell Campanulaceae
Jasione montana Sheep's-bit Campanulaceae
Lobelia dortmanna Water Lobelia Campanulaceae
Sherardia arvensis Field Madder Rubiaceae
Cruciata laevipes Crosswort Rubiaceae
Galium odoratum Woodruff Rubiaceae
Galium boreale Northern Bedstraw Rubiaceae
Galium mollugo Hedge Bedstraw Rubiaceae
Galium verum Lady's Bedstraw Rubiaceae
Galium saxatile Heath Bedstraw Rubiaceae
Galium sterneri Least mountain bedstraw Rubiaceae
Galium palustre Common Marsh-bedstraw Rubiaceae
Galium uliginosum Fen Bedstraw Rubiaceae
Galium aparine Cleavers Rubiaceae
Sambucus ebulus Dwarf Elder Caprifoliaceae
Sambucus nigra Elder Caprifoliaceae
Viburnum lantana Wayfaring-tree Caprifoliaceae
Viburnum opulus Guelder-rose Caprifoliaceae
Symphoricarpos albus Snowberry Caprifoliaceae
Lonicera periclymenum Honeysuckle Caprifoliaceae
Leycesteria formosa Himalayan Honeysuckle Caprifoliaceae
Adoxa moschatellina Moschatel Adoxaceae
Valerianella locusta Common Cornsalad Valerianaceae
Valeriana officinalis Common Valerian Valerianaceae
Centranthus ruber Red Valerian Valerianaceae
Knautia arvensis Field Scabious Dipsacaceae
Succisa pratensis Devil's-bit Scabious Dipsacaceae
Bidens cernua Nodding Bur-marigold Compositae / Asteraceae
Bidens tripartita Trifid Bur-marigold Compositae / Asteraceae
Galinsoga parviflora Gallant Soldier Compositae / Asteraceae
Galinsoga quadriradiata Shaggy Soldier Compositae / Asteraceae
Senecio jacobaea Common Ragwort Compositae / Asteraceae
Senecio aquaticus Marsh Ragwort Compositae / Asteraceae
Senecio squalidus Oxford Ragwort Compositae / Asteraceae
Senecio sylvaticus Heath Groundsel Compositae / Asteraceae
Senecio viscosus Sticky Groundsel Compositae / Asteraceae
Senecio vulgaris Groundsel Compositae / Asteraceae
Senecio fluviatilis Broad-leaved Ragwort Compositae / Asteraceae
Senecio inaequidens Narrow-leaved Ragwort Compositae / Asteraceae
Senecio cineraria Silver Ragwort Compositae / Asteraceae
Tussilago farfara Colt's-foot Compositae / Asteraceae
Petasites hybridus Butterbur Compositae / Asteraceae
Petasites albus White Butterbur Compositae / Asteraceae
Petasites fragrans Winter Heliotrope Compositae / Asteraceae
Inula helenium Elecampane Compositae / Asteraceae
Pulicaria dysenterica Common Fleabane Compositae / Asteraceae
Filago vulgaris Common Cudweed Compositae / Asteraceae
Filago minima Small Cudweed Compositae / Asteraceae
Gnaphalium sylvaticum Heath Cudweed Compositae / Asteraceae
Gnaphalium uliginosum Marsh Cudweed Compositae / Asteraceae
Antennaria dioica Mountain Everlasting Compositae / Asteraceae
Solidago virgaurea Goldenrod Compositae / Asteraceae
Solidago canadensis Canadian Goldenrod Compositae / Asteraceae
Aster tripolium Sea Aster Compositae / Asteraceae
Aster novi-belgii Confused Michaelmas-daisy Compositae / Asteraceae
Erigeron acer Blue Fleabane Compositae / Asteraceae
Erigeron karvinskianus Mexican Fleabane Compositae / Asteraceae
Conyza canadensis Canadian Fleabane Compositae / Asteraceae
Bellis perennis Daisy Compositae / Asteraceae
Eupatorium cannabinum Hemp-agrimony Compositae / Asteraceae
Achillea millefolium Yarrow Compositae / Asteraceae
Achillea ptarmica Sneezewort Compositae / Asteraceae
Tripleurospermum maritimum agg. Scentless Mayweed [agg.] Compositae / Asteraceae
Matricaria recutita Scented Mayweed Compositae / Asteraceae
Matricaria discoidea Pineapple Weed Compositae / Asteraceae
Chrysanthemum segetum Corn Marigold Compositae / Asteraceae
Leucanthemum vulgare Oxeye Daisy Compositae / Asteraceae
Tanacetum parthenium Feverfew Compositae / Asteraceae
Tanacetum vulgare Tansy Compositae / Asteraceae
Artemisia vulgaris Mugwort Compositae / Asteraceae
Seriphidium maritimum Sea Wormwood Compositae / Asteraceae
Carlina vulgaris Carline Thistle Compositae / Asteraceae
Arctium lappa Greater Burdock Compositae / Asteraceae
Arctium minus Lesser Burdock Compositae / Asteraceae
Carduus tenuiflorus Slender Thistle Compositae / Asteraceae
Cirsium vulgare Spear Thistle Compositae / Asteraceae
Cirsium palustre Marsh Thistle Compositae / Asteraceae
Cirsium arvense Creeping Thistle Compositae / Asteraceae
Cirsium oleraceum Cabbage Thistle Compositae / Asteraceae
Cirsium heterophyllum Melancholy Thistle Compositae / Asteraceae
Cirsium dissectum Meadow Thistle Compositae / Asteraceae
Saussurea alpina Alpine Saw-wort Compositae / Asteraceae
Centaurea montana Perennial Cornflower Compositae / Asteraceae
Centaurea cyanus Cornflower Compositae / Asteraceae
Centaurea nigra Common Knapweed Compositae / Asteraceae
Cichorium intybus Chicory Compositae / Asteraceae
Lapsana communis Nipplewort Compositae / Asteraceae
Hypochaeris radicata Cat's-ear Compositae / Asteraceae
Hypochaeris glabra Smooth Cat's-ear Compositae / Asteraceae
Leontodon autumnalis Autumnal Hawkbit Compositae / Asteraceae
Leontodon saxatilis Lesser Hawkbit Compositae / Asteraceae
Picris echioides Bristly Oxtongue Compositae / Asteraceae
Picris hieracioides Hawkweed Oxtongue Compositae / Asteraceae
Tragopogon pratensis Goat's-beard Compositae / Asteraceae
Mycelis muralis Wall Lettuce Compositae / Asteraceae
Sonchus arvensis Perennial Sow-thistle Compositae / Asteraceae
Sonchus oleraceus Smooth Sow-thistle Compositae / Asteraceae
Sonchus asper Prickly Sow-thistle Compositae / Asteraceae
Cicerbita macrophylla Common Blue-sow-thistle Compositae / Asteraceae
Hieracium vulgatum hawkweed Compositae / Asteraceae
Pilosella officinarum Mouse-ear-hawkweed Compositae / Asteraceae
Crepis mollis Northern Hawk's-beard Compositae / Asteraceae
Crepis biennis Rough Hawk's-beard Compositae / Asteraceae
Crepis capillaris Smooth Hawk's-beard Compositae / Asteraceae
Crepis paludosa Marsh Hawk's-beard Compositae / Asteraceae
Taraxacum officinale agg. Dandelion Compositae / Asteraceae
Pyrola minor Common Wintergreen Pyrolaceae
Pyrola media Intermediate Wintergreen Pyrolaceae
Orthilia secunda Serrated Wintergreen Pyrolaceae
Empetrum nigrum Crowberry Empetraceae
Limonium humile Lax-flowered Sea-lavender Plumbaginaceae
Armeria maritima Thrift Plumbaginaceae
Pinus sylvestris Scots Pine Pinaceae
Juniperus communis Juniper Cupressaceae
Taxus baccata Yew Taxaceae
Crassula helmsii New Zealand Pigmyweed Crassulaceae
Dryopteris filix-mas Common Male Fern Dryopteridaceae
Dryopteris affinis x filix-mas (D. x complexa) buckler-fern Dryopteridaceae
Erodium cicutarium agg Common Stork's-bill Geraniaceae
Festuca rubra agg. Red Fescue Gramineae / Poaceae
Lemna minuta Least Duckweed Lemnaceae
Phleum pratense sens.lat. Timothy Gramineae / Poaceae
Sagina apetala Annual Pearlwort Caryophyllaceae
Salix caprea x cinerea (S. x reichardtii) willow Salicaceae
Stellaria media agg. Chickweed Caryophyllaceae
Rubus ulmifolius bramble Rosaceae
Bromus hordeaceus Soft-brome Gramineae / Poaceae
Calystegia sepium ssp. roseata bindweed Convolvulaceae
Cotoneaster bullatus Hollyberry Cotoneaster Rosaceae
Dactylorhiza fuchsii x incarnata (D. x kerneriorum) marsh-orchid Orchidaceae
Dipsacus fullonum Wild Teasel Dipsacaceae
Epipactis leptochila Narrow-lipped Heleborine Orchidaceae
Hyacinthoides hispanica x non-scripta bluebell Liliaceae
Juncus acutiflorus x articulatus (J. x surrejanus) rush Juncaceae
Lonicera nitida Wilson's Honeysuckle Caprifoliaceae
Luzula multiflora ssp. congesta heath wood-rush Juncaceae
Rorippa islandica sens.str. Northern Yellow-cress Cruciferae / Brassicaceae
Senecio aquaticus x jacobaea (S. x ostenfeldii) ragwort Compositae / Asteraceae
Senecio cineraria x jacobaea (S. x albescens) ragwort Compositae / Asteraceae
Utricularia intermedia sens.str. Intermediate Bladderwort Lentibulariaceae
Ulex europaeus x gallii gorse Leguminosae / Fabaceae
Carpobrotus edulis var. rubescens hottentot-fig Aizoaceae
Sanguisorba minor Salad Burnet Rosaceae
Coeloglossum viride x Gymnadenia conopsea (x Gymnaglossum jacksonii) orchid Orchidaceae
Utricularia stygia Nordic Bladderwort Lentibulariaceae
Camelina alyssum gold-of-pleasure Cruciferae / Brassicaceae
Medicago sativa Lucerne Leguminosae / Fabaceae
Papaver dubium Long-headed Poppy Papaveraceae
Rubus fissus bramble Rosaceae
Dactylorhiza purpurella x Gymnadenia conopsea (x Dactylodenia varia) Hybrid Northern Marsh x Fragrant Orchid Orchidaceae
Vicia sativa Common Vetch Leguminosae / Fabaceae
Potamogeton crispus x praelongus (P. x undulatus) pondweed Potamogetonaceae
Utricularia ochroleuca Pale Bladderwort Lentibulariaceae
Dactylorhiza fuchsii x Gymnadenia conopsea (x Dactylodenia st-quintinii) orchid Orchidaceae
Salix triandra x viminalis (S. x mollissima) Sharp-stipuled Willow Salicaceae
Potamogeton gramineus x natans (P. x sparganiifolius) Ribbon-leaved Pondweed Potamogetonaceae
Silene latifolia ssp. alba white campion Caryophyllaceae
Rumex sanguineus var. viridis wood dock Polygonaceae
Salsola kali Saltwort Chenopodiaceae
Daucus carota Wild Carrot Umbelliferae / Apiaceae
Hieracium latobrigorum hawkweed Compositae / Asteraceae
Narcissus pseudonarcissus daffodil Liliaceae
Potamogeton gramineus x lucens (P. x zizii) Long-leaved Pondweed Potamogetonaceae
Rubus nessensis bramble Rosaceae
Mentha longifolia x suaveolens (M. x rotundifolia) False Apple-mint Lamiaceae
Euphrasia salisburgensis var. hibernicus eyebright Scrophulariaceae
Anthyllis vulneraria ssp. lapponica kidney vetch Leguminosae / Fabaceae
Rosa canina x pimpinellifolia (R. x hibernica) rose Rosaceae
Hieracium stewartii hawkweed Compositae / Asteraceae
Heracleum sphondylium ssp. sphondylium hogweed Umbelliferae / Apiaceae
Rosa canina x stylosa (R. x andegavensis) rose Rosaceae
Pilosella aurantiaca Fox-and-cubs Compositae / Asteraceae
Conyza sumatrensis Guernsey Fleabane Compositae / Asteraceae
Potamogeton gramineus x perfoliatus (P. x nitens) Bright-leaved Pondweed Potamogetonaceae
Rubus plicatus bramble Rosaceae
Rosa caesia rose Rosaceae
Dactylorhiza fuchsii x maculata (D. x transiens) marsh-orchid Orchidaceae
Erophila glabrescens Glabrous Whitlowgrass Cruciferae / Brassicaceae
Erophila majuscula Hairy Whitlowgrass Cruciferae / Brassicaceae
Arenaria serpyllifolia ssp. serpyllifolia thyme-leaved sandwort Caryophyllaceae
Hieracium anglicum hawkweed Compositae / Asteraceae
Rumex sanguineus var. sanguineus Bloody dock Polygonaceae
Hebe elliptica x speciosa (H. x franciscana) Hedge Veronica Scrophulariaceae
Potamogeton crispus x perfoliatus (P. x cooperi) Cooper's Pondweed Potamogetonaceae
Laburnum alpinum x anagyroides (L. x watereri) laburnum Leguminosae / Fabaceae
Hieracium grandidens hawkweed Compositae / Asteraceae
Senecio vulgaris var. hibernicus groundsel Compositae / Asteraceae
Coeloglossum viride x Dactylorhiza fuchsii (x Dactyloglossum mixtum) Hybrid Common Spotted x Frog Orchid Orchidaceae
Limonium procerum ssp. procerum sea-lavender Plumbaginaceae
Hieracium iricum hawkweed Compositae / Asteraceae
Acaena ovalifolia Two-spined Acaena Rosaceae
Salix aurita x cinerea (S. x multinervis) willow Salicaceae
Rosa caesia x canina (R. x dumalis) rose Rosaceae
Dactylorhiza fuchsii x purpurella (D. x venusta) Hybrid Common Spotted x Northern Marsh Orchid Orchidaceae
Lycium sp. Duke of Argyll's tea plant Solanaceae
Rubus scissus bramble Rosaceae
Cotoneaster horizontalis agg. A cotoneaster Rosaceae
Erophila verna sens. lat. Common Whitlowgrass Cruciferae / Brassicaceae
Rorippa nasturtium-aquaticum agg. Water cress Cruciferae / Brassicaceae
Cardamine corymbosa New Zealand Bitter-Cress Cruciferae / Brassicaceae
Hydrocotyle ranunculoides Floating Pennywort Umbelliferae / Apiaceae