Flora of Northern Ireland
Leontodon saxatilis
© Paul Hackney
Leontodon saxatilis
(Map updated: March 2008)

This is a species of dry grassland, including sand dunes. It is smaller than the autumnal hawkbit (Leontodon autumnalis) and has forked hairs on its leaves (L. autumnalis has unbranched hairs) and an unbranched flower-scape.

Other names: Leontodon taraxacoides

All names: Leontodon saxatilis Lam.; Leontodon taraxacoides (Villars) Merat; Leontodon leysseri G.Beck; Leontodon hirtus auct.; Leontodon nudicaulis auct.; Thrincia hirta Roth; Thrincia leysseri Wallr.; Thrincia taraxacoides (Vill.) Gaudin; Thrincia nudicaulis Britten pro parte