Flora of Northern Ireland
  • Calystegia pulchra Brummitt & Heyw. - Hairy Bindweed
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Calystegia pulchra
© Graham Day
Calystegia pulchra
© John Wilde
Calystegia pulchra
© Paul Hackney
Calystegia pulchra
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(Map updated: March 2008)

An introduced species, probably brought in as an ornamental for gardens, and usually not far from houses in its 'wild' situations. Perhaps the most attractive of the bindweeds. A vigorous twining herbaceous perennial with a large, bright pinkish-lilac flower. Rarer than other hedgerow bindweeds.

All names: Calystegia pulchra Brummitt & Heyw.; Calystegia sepium ssp. pulchra (Brummitt & Heyw.) Tutin nom.inval.; Calystegia dahurica auct. non (Herbert( Don.; Volvulus dahuricus (Herbert) Junger