Flora of Northern Ireland
  • Persicaria campanulata (Hook.f.) Ronse Decraene - Lesser Knotweed - Polygonaceae
Persicaria campanulata
© Graham Day
Persicaria campanulata
(Map updated: March 2008)

An attractive perennial knotweed species which dies down each winter to the basal leaves, and produces stems about 2 - 3 ft (60 - 90 cm) tall with spikes of pale pink or white flowers. Leaves are oval, the upper side "grooved in a herring-bone fashion" and white-felted on the underside.

It has been introduced and become established in several parks and demesnes, but is rare outside such areas. It is a native of the Himalayas.

An alternative name is Polygonum campanulatum.

All names: Persicaria campanulata (Hook.f.) Ronse Decraene; Polygonum campanulatum Hook f.; Reynoutria campanulatum Hook.f.