Flora of Northern Ireland
  • Callitriche hamulata sens.str. Kuetz. ex Koch - Intermediate Water-Starwort - Callitrichaceae
Callitriche hamulata sens.str.
(Map updated: March 2008)

One of the easiest Callitriche species to recognise on account of its long, parallel-sided submerged leaves which terminate in a “bicycle-spanner” apex. Like all Callitriche species it has tiny inconspicuous green flowers and fruits.

A rather local species of freshwater.

All names: Callitriche hamulata sens.str. Kuetz. ex Koch; Callitriche hamulata Kuetz. ex Koch; Callitriche intermedia ssp. hamulata (Kuetz. ex Koch) Clapham; Callitriche intermedia Hoffm.