Flora of Northern Ireland
  • Blysmus rufus (Hudson) Link - Saltmarsh Flat-sedge - Cyperaceae
Blysmus rufus
© Paul Hackney
Blysmus rufus
© Ralph Forbes
Blysmus rufus
(Map updated: March 2008)

This rather inconspicuous little plant, with a spike of tiny flowers in a brownish club-shaped head at the end of the main stems, is typically found in the brackish pools and marshy crevices that occur on low, rocky shores around the Northern Ireland coast, especially along the Lecale coast, the Co. Down shore of Belfast Lough and the North Coast. It is usually accompanied by other saltmarsh species such as Juncus gerardii, Bolboschoenus maritimus etc.

All names: Blysmus rufus (Hudson) Link; Scirpus rufus (Huds.) Schrad.