Flora of Northern Ireland
  • Juncus articulatus L. - Jointed Rush - Juncaceae
Juncus articulatus
© Graham Day
Juncus articulatus
(Map updated: March 2008)

A very common native perennial species of wet acid soils and moorland, lakeshores etc. Generally rather shorter than the somewhat similar sharp-flowered rush (Juncus acutiflorus) and frequently only a foot or less in height, of a somewhat darker green, with leaves that are oval in section and curved. The leaves feel jointed between the fingers, like those of J. acutiflorus. The plant usually arises from a curved base, not erect like J. acutiflorus. Flowers and fruit somewhat similar to J. acutiflorus.

All names: Juncus articulatus L.; Juncus lamprocarpus Ehrh. ex Hoffm.; Juncus nigritellus D.Don