Flora of Northern Ireland

Brackish ponds and lakes

Brackish water bodies are found close to the sea and are intermediate in salinity between freshwater and sea water.

Although small brackish pools are frequent around the coast on saltmarshes etc, larger bodies of brackish water are uncommon. In Co Down, Strand Lough is a good example of a fairly large body of rather brackish water; in Co Antrim there are three brackish lagoons beside the railway on the mainland shore of Larne Lough, near Glynn; in Co Londonderry there are deep, brackish drains on the landward side of the sea walls that have been built along the shore of Lough Foyle at Myroe, Ballykelly, Longfield, Donnybrewer and Black Brae.

The fringing vegetation of these lagoons, ponds and lakes is basically similar to that of freshwater ponds and lakes, but with the addition of some additional characteristic species:

The higher reaches of river estuaries, such as those of the Foyle and Bann, are also brackish.