Himantoglossum adriaticum

Himantoglossum hircinum subsp. adriaticum

Adriatic lizard orchid

Only recognised as distinct from Himantoglossum hircinum in 1978 and so its distribution is still not clearly established. Recorded from the former Yugoslavia and Italy, and perhaps also present elsewhere.

Closely related to H. hircinum and other members of the lizard orchid group. The distinctions between taxa in this aggregate are not always clear.

More lax-flowered and graceful in appearance than H. hircinum sensus stricto, but with a similar flower with a long central lobe to the labellum. It can grow up to around 80 cm tall.

Found in dry calcareous ground up to 1600 metres altitude.

Photographs: The Mugello, north of Florence, Italy, 2006.
© Tony Chinnery.

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