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Carneal, GlenoeAntrim
Carneal, near Glenoe, Co.Antrim: general view of old quarry site.
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Site Type: Quarry (disused)
Site Status: PASSI
Grid Reference: X33903959
Rock Age: Tertiary, Cretaceous
Rock Name: Antrim Lava Group, Lower Basalt Formation, Ulster White Limestone Formation
Rock Type: Basalt, Dolerite, Limestone, Marble
Minerals: Bredigite, Calcite, Larnite, Melilite, Plombierite, Spinel, Spurrite, Wollastonite, Titanaugite, Tobermorite
Other interest: plug, No Data

Summary of site:

Volcanic plugs were the main feeder tubes to surface volcanoes now blocked with solidified magma. The passage of molten rock, at temperatures around 1100-1200ºC, through these conduits heats the wall rocks to very high temperatures and changes them by the process of thermal metamorphism.

The volcanic neck at Carneal passes through Ulster White Limestone and, when in the molten state, the ascending lava reacted chemically with the limestone to create an uncommon association of minerals called calc-silicates (see site record ‘Scawt Hill’ for more detail) that can now be seen on the flank of the hill. The site is important because it has a similar setting to Scawt Hill, the discovery site of several minerals new to science. With Ballycraigy this site has similar potential for research. The site is largely overgrown and would require some clearing to re-expose the reaction contact.

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