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Hill's Port, The Gobbins, Island MageeAntrim
Hillís Port, The Gobbins, Islandmagee, Co.Antrim, June 1997.
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Site Type: Coastal section, Roadside section
Site Status: PASSI
Grid Reference: X34853971
Rock Age: Tertiary
Rock Name: Antrim Lava Group, Lower Basalt Formation
Rock Type: Amydaloidal Basalt, Olivine Basalt
Minerals: Analcime, Analcite, Calcite, Chabazite, Gobbinsite, Natrolite, Zeolites, Heulandite, Levyne, Cowlesite, Mesolite, Gonnardite, Travertine
Other interest: amygdales, No Data

Summary of site:

Zeolites are a group of hydrated aluminosilicate minerals that commonly occur in basic volcanic rocks, particularly basaltic lavas. They are found in amygdales, mineral-filled bubbles trapped in the cooling lava and in fissures. They occur in zones that indicate their depth of burial, a phenomenon first recognised and described in Northern Ireland. The coastal cliffs around Hillís Port, and further north at the Gobbins, contain a variety of zeolites including gobbinsite (a new zeolite mineral, discovered here in the late twentieth century).

The Antrim basalts are famous for the quantity and diversity of zeolites they contain. The only threat to these coastal cliffs is from marine erosion which is just as likely to reveal more zeolites as it is to destroy them.

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