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Western Marlbank; Hammer PotFermanagh
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Site Type: Pothole
Site Status: PASSI
District: Fermanagh District Council
Grid Reference: H10153477
Rock Age: Quaternary (Holocene)
Rock Type: Limestone
Other interest: No data, No Data, cave, pothole, sump

Summary of site:

A scruffy hole at the bottom of a small shake hole opens on to a boulder slope above a short pitch. A traverse leads down through a series of tight squeezes and small chambers to a final 9m drop above a sump pool. The pool was dived and proved to be a north-west/south-east trending flooded passage. Upstream, 45m of passage opens into an air bell with a shaft above. Beyond this the flooded section has been explored for a further 15m, from the bell to a point in a passage a little over half a metre high into clear water.

Downstream, 45m of narrow flooded rift opens into a wide passage. The murky water has prevented further exploration.

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