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Lisdoo Townland pitTyrone
Lisdoo Pit, north-east of Irvinestown, Co.Tyrone, where green mudstones (with miospores) of the Shanmullagh Formation were exposed.
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Site Type: Pit
Site Status: PASSI
District: Omagh District Council
Grid Reference: H28586137
Rock Age: Devonian (Famennian, Frasnian)
Rock Name: Fintona Group, Shanmullagh Formation (Form Blm)
Rock Type: Mudstone, Sand, Sandstone, Siltstone
Fossil Groups: Miospore, Miospores
Other interest: No data, No Data, lacustrine

Summary of site:

This site is important because it yielded 29 species of Devonian plant spores, allowing the age of these rocks to be firmly established.

A temporary excavation into a little under 2m of green, laminated mudstones and thin coarse grained sandstones near the base yielded fairly well preserved spores (of the 8 mudstones present, 5 were sampled). Sites rich in spore floras are rare and this prolific site should be designated and protected.

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