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Tedd Cross Roads Segment, CloghfinFermanagh
Field exposure at Cloghfin, Tedd Townland, Co.Fermanagh; a unique locality and horizon of green mudstones (marked by hammer) with miospores in the Tedd Formation, Fintona Block.
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Site Type: Inland exposure
Site Status: PASSI
District: Fermanagh District Council
Grid Reference: H25866148
Rock Age: Devonian (Middle Devonian, Upper Devonian)
Rock Name: Fintona Group, Tedd Formation
Rock Type: Mudstone, Sand, Sandstone, Siltstone
Fossil Groups: Miospore, Miospores
Other interest: dessication cracks, ripple marks, No Data

Summary of site:

At this locality a green mudstone, 40cm thick, is interbedded with purple to red coloured fine sandstones, siltstones and thin sheets of chocolate brown mudstone. The outcrop is on one of several sub-parallel rock ridges in the area. The rocks were deposited in shallow water and show clear ripple marks. Polygonal desiccation cracks are present, showing that the sediments dried out completely for long periods. All these rocks are part of the Devonian Tedd Formation and are estimated to lie about 300m above its base.

The green mudstone is the key component here because it has yielded a flora of microscopic spores that were originally tentatively placed in the late Devonian. The full account accompanying this summary was written at that time. Subsequent research places this flora in the early Devonian, around 390-400 million years ago. For details of the environment and geography of the period see site record ‘Devonian - Shanmullagh Formation: Miospore localities’ and site record ‘Devonian - Shanmullagh Formation: stratotype localities’. The site is on agricultural land and could possibly be threatened by land improvement.

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