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Slieve Gullion Ring - Sarah Daly's BridgeArmagh
Fault gap N of shoulder of Slieve Gullion, just N of road from Sarah Daly's Bridge to Ballintemple viewpoint; rock face above bog shows liquid/liquid contacts between dolerite and granophyre, with curvilinear net-veining in basic igneous component.
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Site Type: Crag
Site Status: PASSI
District: Newry & Mourne District Council
Grid Reference: J02772308
Rock Age: Tertiary (Palaeogene)
Rock Name: Slieve Gullion Complex
Rock Type: Dolerite, Granophyre
Other interest: net veins, Contact, Intrusion, Surrounding bogland is of botanical interest.

Summary of site:

The context for this site is given in the Slieve Gullion Ring Overview, site 1118.

This outcrop shows the convoluted lobes and crenulations of the contact between the high temperature molten dolerite of layer 4 and the cooler but still molten granophyre below. Net veining resulting from the interaction of the two is prominently displayed. This site is a key component of the suite of sites selected as the framework to our understanding of the evolution of Slieve Gullion and is internationally important.

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