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Slieve Gullion Ring - Mullaghbawn CentralArmagh
Disused roadside quarry, NW of Mullaghbawn Mountain, Co. Armagh; in Newry Granodiorite, within the ring-fault.
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Site Type: Quarry (disused)
Site Status: PASSI
District: Newry & Mourne District Council
Grid Reference: H981183
Rock Age: Tertiary, Devonian (Devonian Undifferentiated, Palaeogene)
Rock Name: Newry Granodiorite, Porphyritic Felsite, Slieve Gullion Complex
Rock Type: Felsite, Granodiorite, Tuff, Tuffisite
Other interest: eutaxitic, fiamme, ring-dyke, Intrusion

Summary of site:

The context of this site is explained in the Slieve Gullion Ring – Overview, site1118.

This is a roadside quarry now in need of refreshing by removal of obscuring vegetation and weathered rock. It worked the Newry granodiorite, the host rock into which the ring was intruded and here it is inside the ring. The rock is red in colour and much altered by gases or fluids or both, moving through the rock during Slieve Gullion’s earliest eruptions. To the west are crags of porphyritic felsite, the initial rock injected into the ring and at its margin there are flow bands of welded volcanic dust, a rock indicating that this was one of the most violent of all types of volcanic eruption. These welded tuffs are products of searing, glowing clouds of pulverized rock that jetted from the volcano before racing over the adjacent countryside. This is a further key site of the Slieve Gullion Ring complex, vital to the understanding of events in this vicinity around 58 million years ago.

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