Earth Science Conservation Review

Rylagh Burn, near OmaghTyrone
Rylagh Burn, near Omagh, Co.Tyrone, June 1997: quartz vein in stream.
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Site Type: Stream section
Site Status: ESCR
Council area: Fermanagh & Omagh District Council
Grid Reference: H462780
Bing maps: 54.64848,-7.2843
Google maps: 54.64848,-7.2843
Rock Age: Carboniferous, Precambrian
Rock Name: Glengawna Formation
Rock Type: Schist
Minerals: Arsenopyrite, Gold, Pyrite, Quartz
Other interest: fault, hydrothermal vein, fault gouge
Summary of site:
Veins bearing arsenopyrite, iron arsenic sulphide, are present in the bed of the burn. It is commonly associated with other sulphide minerals and gold and was deposited high to medium temperature brines circulating through rock cavities. Arsenopyrite is the commonest ore of arsenic, an element used in dyeing, in the treatment of leather and for pest control.

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