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The Natural History of Ireland's Dragonflies by Brian Nelson and Robert Thompson

The Butterflies and Moths of Northern Ireland

Dragonflies are regarded by many as the jewels of the insect world. For centuries, they have been revered by humans and celebrated in art, poetry and religion.

Today, they are very popular with naturalists, appreciated for their beauty and exceptional ability on the wing.

The modern-day dragonflies are the descendants of giant insects that flew in the prehistoric forests of the Carboniferous era.

In this comprehensive study of the Irish fauna, Brian Nelson and Robert Thompson combine their knowledge and research based on twenty years of field study with new information gleaned from an extensive four-year study carried out by the Dragonfly Ireland project.

The book covers all aspects of dragonfly biology and ecology and the history of dragonfly study in Ireland.

There are comprehensive accounts of all the resident and migrant species, an in-depth description of the major odonate habitats and a gallery section illustrating and describing over fifty sites in detail.

Additional chapters include 'Fieldcraft', 'Conservation', 'Where to watch odonates' and 'Photography'.

There is also an extensive bibliography listing all currently known publications.

The highly informative text is written for the keen naturalist, biologist and those wishing to garner a greater understanding and appreciation of these magnificent wetland insects.

This high quality publication is lavishly illustrated throughout, with over three hundred outstanding colour photographs of habitats, larvae and adults of all the resident and migrant species found in Ireland.

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Product Details:
ISBN: 978-0-900761-45-4
Pages: 454
Size: 225 x 285mm
Format: Hardback