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Full Taxonomic Checklist
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Below is the Full Taxonomic Checklist. It has been recently updated with taxonomic changes, additions and deletions. These lists include the following taxa — Phylum, Class, Order, Superfamily, Family, Subfamily, Genus, Subgenus, Species and Subspecies. As with full species we only list those taxa present in Ireland. At each level in the taxonomic tree, the taxa are listed alphabetically. So the Subfamilies (if any are recognised) are ordered alphabetically within a Family, Genera alphabetically within Subfamily and/or Family and so on down the taxonomic tree. The only exception is the ordering of the families which follows the latest systematic opinion.

Clicking on a species name will take you to a species page, with further information.

Phylum Arthropoda  
Class Arachnida  
Order Opiliones  
Suborder Palpatores  
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Sundevall, 1832
   GenusAnelasmocephalus Simon, 1879
   Species Anelasmocephalus cambridgei
(Westwood, 1874)
Copyright Dragisa Savic
Simon, 1879
   GenusNemastoma C.L. Koch, 1836
   Species Nemastoma bimaculatum
(Fabricius, 1775)
   GenusMitostoma Roewer, 1951
   Species Mitostoma chrysomelas
(Hermann, 1804)
Copyright Luciana Bartolini
Simon, 1879
   SubfamilyOligolophinae Banks, 1893
   GenusDicranopalpus Doleschall, 1852
   Species Dicranopalpus ramosus
(Simon, 1909)
   GenusMitopus Thorell, 1876
   Species Mitopus morio
(Fabricius, 1779)
   GenusOligolophus C.L Koch, 1871
   Species Oligolophus tridens
(C.L Koch, 1871)
   Species Oligolophus hanseni
(Kraepelin, 1884)
   GenusOdiellus Roewer, 1923
   Species Odiellus spinosus
(Bosc, 1792)
   GenusLacinius Thorell, 1876
   Species Lacinius ephippiatus
(C.L Koch, 1836)
   GenusPhalangium Linne, 1758
   Species Phalangium opilio
Linne, 1761
   GenusOpilio Herbst, 1798
   Species Opilio parietinus
(Degeer, 1879)
   Species Opilio saxatilis
C.L Koch, 1839
   GenusRilaena Silhavy, 1965
   Species Rilaena triangularis
(Herbst, 1779)
   GenusMegabunus Meade, 1858
   Species Megabunus diadema
(Fabricius, 1779)
   SubfamilyLeiobuninae Banks, 1895
   GenusLeiobunum C.L Koch, 1839
   Species Leiobunum rotundum
(Latreille, 1795)
   Species Leiobunum blackwalli
Meade, 1861
   GenusNelima Roewer, 1910
   Species Nelima gothica
Lohmander, 1945
   GenusParoligolophus Lohmander 1945
   Species Paroligolophus agrestis
(Meade, 1855)

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